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, but it will be a long time before she's forgotten. here's the latest. the federal government most local governments and public schools all say they'll open regular time tomorrow. as o2:00 p.m., metro is ba out there on the roads and the rails on the sunday schedule. normal service gets back in tomorrow morning. and the early voting in maryland and d.c. will also resume tomorrow with some additional hours being scheduled to make up for the time we lost to sandy. >>> most people who live along the delaware coast followed evacuation orders. >> and while the beaches did storm damage the biggest problems there are all the downed trees, the flooded roads and of course the power outages. >> our kristin fisher shows us what it was like when high tide hit this morning in lowes, delaware. >> reporter: this is high tide at the beach. we're about ten miles northwest from rehoboth beach and we tame here because this is the community we've been worried about through hurricane sandy. i'm very happy to tell you that this high tide is as bad as it's going to get for folks here. now you can see the water is rolling
, state, and federal government sig norring them. >> no one is really here to help us. we need help. >> reporter: this distribution site in staten island relies on donations, and people bringing in everything from clothes, blanket, and much needed food. many neighborhoods are without power. police have arrested several looters. many are angry the mayor is going ahead with the new york city marathon which begins on staten island. >> we have to find some ways to express ourselves and show our solidarity. >> reporter: in manhattan gas lines stretched for blocks for cars and containers. >> if you've got to get gas, you've got to wait. >> reporter: passenger restrictions for cars are being lifted. the hole hand tunnel between new york and new jersey has reopened for commercial vehicles and buses. one of the biggest issues now facing the folks here in staten island is temperatures. tonight they are slated to dip into the 30s, and a lot of people that we're talking to right now are concerned they don't have any power and they're not sure how they're supposed to stay warm. reporting in stat
government, d.c. government, d.c. public schools closed today and will be closed tomorrow. a lot of other school systems that hadn't announced they were cancelling classes tomorrow are doing so now. also metro will not resume service in the morning. they'll reassess and maybe later in the day, but then again maybe not. the flights out of reagan national and dulles have been canceled. the airports are open, but nothing is flying. you go out there, you'll just sit as well as regional amtrak service has been canceled until the storm goes by. >> . >> please don't go out there and sit. >> doesn't sound fun to me. >> let's get a look at sandy's latest track. >> she is essentially making landfall as we speak probably just north of cape may and south of ocean city, new jersey. winds continue to increase. we have winds 90 miles per hour and we're looking at an incredible landfall and unlike most tropical systems, this won't weaken when it makes landfall. it's going to strengthen a little bit. it probably has already become a cold core storms which feed off temperature differences in the atmosphere
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3